The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is one of the hottest fun entertainment games today, which is an interesting intellectual playground, funny humor. With a unique way of playing, beautiful interface, simple gameplay, games suitable for all ages, especially children.
In The Quiz Impossible game, you will face quite a lot of difficulties, challenges, difficult questions. The task of the player is to answer the questions raised regarding various and varied topics. To overcome all the questions, you need to equip a lot of knowledge in many areas.
Guide to playing The Impossible Quiz game
Use the left mouse button to enter the correct answer
In each turn, you will have 3 networks, each question will have 4 answers, you will choose 1 of 4 answers. If the answer is wrong, you will lose 1 network. If you lose 3 lives, the game will end. You can start playing again from the beginning, the question – the answer remains the same as the previous one. So you need to remember the answer of each question.
The Impossible Quiz gives players a feeling of relaxation, entertainment, and also offers more valuable knowledge useful in life.

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